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pancake_sk8er's Journal

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gratuitous sk8er
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hey, im a skater, and i dont do much else, im alright, im into punk music, and i love getting drunk, and partys, and not eating my own hand !!, thats just sick, also puff daddy suck ma d*** straight up
28 days, 4star, [spunge], accidents which look funny, all fall down, army of darkness, art, assorted jellybeans, bad religion, baggy trouses, beech, being drunk, being insane, big house, black, bouncy castle's, brain dead, bucky lasek, burgers, camping, caps lock, car crashes, cartoons, cat food, cats, chasing amy, checks, chips, cinema, clear mascara, clerks, concerts, cooking oil, dead kennedys, deftones, dogma, drawing, drum sticks, drums, emperor's new groove, evil dead, evil dead 2, festivals, food, funny, funny adverts, funny looking twins, gambit, ghosts, gigs, girls, green, grimlock, grolsh, guitar, h2o, half pipes, hehehehe, holidays, hot rod, i against i, idlewild, internet, jokes, lagwagon, lego, less then jake, liverpool, maddox, magic, making people laugh, mallrats, manga, mca, mcdonalds, me, milkybar yogurts, mohicans, money, moshing, my bed, my family, my friends, my life, my scary garden, my sofa's, nofx, nookie, optimus prime, pancakez, panic, parties, pennywise, pepsi, peter smolik, phat beats, phones, pitchshifter, pizza, playstation, pretty punk (drunk) girls, punk, rampworks, rancid, rodney mullen, s.k.a.t.e.b.o.a.r.d.i.n.g, sandlot kids, savedbyzero, sex, sick of it all, sk8ing, skajake, skanking, skateboarding, skulls, slam pits, sleeping, smells, snuff, spar 7, spinning drum sticks, spring, suicidal tendencies, suicide machines, supernaut skatboards, system of a down, t.v, tekken 3, ten foot pole, the matrix, the queen mother fucker, the sun, the zoo, thunder trucks, tony hawks, transformers, trfc, true people, u.f.o's, udinese, union 13, unrapping lolly pop sticks, vodka, wayriders, weezer, wiskey, zero

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