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big badda boooom


straight from the kettle, to the cup with love

addicted to that liquid, of my drug in a mug

silky smooth, some like it hot till its gone

milky and improved. Ive droped from 2 to none

cus everyones always tryin to cut the sugar out

an u know the waters always boilin inside of my house

Yorkshire, typhoo, twinings, oh I love a bit

Fair trade clipper, in the morning, some p.g tips

The deep tea diver, proud to be british

When it comes to tea, I say no limits

Caramel, green, herbals, all tea’s are on tour

Would chat longer, but goin back for some more

absoluterly lovin life. have an interview tomorrow for crown plaza (4 star liverpool hotel) and on the 17th november, i have an interview for disney cruise ships, (training would be in florida) wowwwwwwwwwzers. so thats the plan. running out of money faster then i thought so gotta make some more.  poo's r coming along swimmingly an im waitin for the ty monster to come round so we can watch some david attenborough, god i love that man.


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