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pooooooooooooo results

yerrrrrrrrrs yerrrrrrrrrrrs yerssssssssssss, the time has arrived, and im just sorry it hasnt happend quicker, the poo's for 2005 have all been accounted for and tally'd - lets not waste any time and get straight to it!!!

january - 18
february - 14
march - 12
april - 13
may - 13
june - 11
july - 16
august - 17
september - 20
october - 21
november - 13
december - 17

and thats a woppppppppppppping one hundred and eighty five 185 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and dates september 12th and october the 13th i had 3 poo's in one day - that still doesnt beat 2003 august 31st were i had 5 poo's in the one day

october also had the most poo's this year, maybe making this the best month of the year, who knows really?

any questions, or needs to c previouse results just give me a comment and i'll help u out !!!

also the compition has now began with my bad ass self and marrissa, who can do the most poo's in a year!! i have already had 5, and i can feel another one brewing right now, feckin yum
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Fair play.... bets are on
oh charlie how ye amuse. +
bitch... please.
im kickin yo ass!!!
since the first ive already had 9.
thats right NINE!!!
two poos today!
and i might go another before bed.
yesssssss! im gonna win!

I love this yearly update :D
hehehe the poo calendar :D is that more or less poos than last year?

gutted i didn't get to say bye to ya before ya went back bristol, hope all is goin well down there! say hey to Claire for me! x
Which reminds me, i rolled a packed + crystals spliff, which i was gonna smoke with ya before u left, BUT since i didnt get the chance... u kno what that means?
dude, go vegan!!!! you'll win for sure, 2 a day most times ;)