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what a fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkked up dream

i just had a dream that was west, i went back to school for my uni course (as in south wirral high school) but it was just like being backin normal school although the year i was in didnt have uniforms, there was none of the new building like there is now, and it was so crazy, i was hangin out with karl lewis the hole time. during a p.e lesson i thought i was on pills or somethin cus things kept changin and i couldnt remember which wall to roll a tin at, cus thats what we had to do,(along with a load of other stuff) and carl mcarthy was there, an i was sayin like i havnt seen him in four years, an i was tellin him all the things ie been doin, but i couldnt understand a fuckin word he was sayin!!! and we had school diarys like in year 7, an i was talkin to miss mano an everything, and jack dutton sent me a txt sayin he wants to get the crew back together, but all that was after that were different crisp packet names, aswell in the yard i made this amazin cling film mask thing, i think it was for art!!! oh and like jessica hutton an some girl called carla was in the boys changin rooms!! also walkin round the school i was talkin about how good it is to be back and then mim sent me a txt sayin, wow u play the drums u should listen to iron maiden! an then just b4 i went into science (chemistry) i woke up, and it was crazy to think im never goin back there, infact im goin to bristol, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit im scared!
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