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well, just went through this photo album i have, crazy to c the last three odd years in a book, i finally finished it today when i noticed u can write things next to the pictures, grim days ay, ill just have to go over it again, maybe, maybe not!
but while goin through this photo album i thought

a smoking space for me at halls
all bank details sorted
passed the year
clean room
waiting for next to phone
got tekken 5
got all my friends
loads of food in the house

so im in a good mood and thought ide say somethin

what to do tonight though?, go to chester for hawaii party or to birkenhead for lous party which will probably involve alot of college peeeps, hmmmmmmmmmmmm

item - elvis lives on my paper round
item - big foot eats out of our trash
item - even mans best friend is weired
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