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i didnt care about the reason why u never wrote

hey hey hey!!!! long time ay, i thought i owed it to myself to comment after the leeds festival

basically five days of fun, three days of music and 4 nights of drugs!!!!!

thursday - drove to leeds in west rain weather, got there and put are tent up with the chester peeps, did poppers, weed, herbal ectacy an morning woodrose seeds, (herbal acid) to start the fun times

friday involved - fortet, incubus, iggy pop, dirty shatez, dead leaves, suicide girls, and NOFX, also proper drunk from gin an juice, stoned, poppers, and some laughing gas!, niiiice

saturday - goldie lookin chain, whatched a hypotist, dropkick murphys, ray and cockston, abdominal and format and desisive, queens of the stone age, sean williams, lemon jelly, pixies also some more laughin gas, alcohol, poppers, weed and salvia

sunday - no comply, some manga film, roots manuva, capdown, dwaves, anti flag, hate breed and bad religion!!!!!!! also popppers, stole a crate of beer in the riots, pills, no sleep, loys of riots an goin crazy in the campsite, fires!!!! putting shops an vans on fire, hitting big bin drums like in a tribe

monday - put tent away and drove home an kept stoned

nobody likes us, everybody hates us ... SECURITY
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